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A Constellation of Roses by Miranda Asebedo

Unboxing of Once Upon A Book Club November Young Adult box


When her drug addicted mother disappears, Trix McCabe survives on her own in a motel for several months, until child protective services finds her dad's relatives. Trix never met her dad, but the McCabe women - Auntie, Mia and Ember - warmly welcome Trix into their lives. In the beautiful small town of Rocksaw, Trix learns that all McCabe women have powers. Trix works at the McCabe family bakery with her new found relatives, where she discovers the special abilities of the other 3 women. Through many ups and downs, Trix must decide if she will put down roots with the McCabe family or return to her past life.

My thoughts/feelings:

Grab a slice of pie before you settle down to read this book - trust me, you'll need it! I don't even like pie, but after I read this book I NEEDED pie!

This book was so sweet. I did have a hard time with the name "Trix" - all I could think about was the cereal. But if you can get past her name, the book is really enjoyable.

What was inside the box:

Look at this gorgeous wrapping!! The gifts inside were a beautiful scarf, an owl necklace, delicious and aromatic loose tea, and pastels!

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