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A Cosy Candlelit Christmas by Tilly Tennant

A sweet holiday story set in the Alps

Synopsis: Isla's father left when she was very young. Now in her late 20's, the headstrong and tough Isla is contacted and told that she is set to inherit something from her paternal grandmother on the condition that she reconnect with her father. She must leave her home in England and travel to the French mountain village of St. Martin-de-Belleville during the Christmas season.

In this romantic and gorgeous village she also meets two charming young men. Completely different from each other and yet Isla becomes interested in them both.

Will this getaway change Isla's life for the better or will it all come crashing down? Read this romantic and emotional story to find out. Set in a beautiful snow filled mountain village and full of kind, enjoyable characters, this book is perfect for the holiday season.

My thoughts/feelings: I felt a deep connection to Isla and really enjoyed reading about her reconnection to her father. I had a similar situation with my own biological father, except I wasn't set to inherit a romantic and stunning Chalet.

My dad was part of my life until my early teen years into my late 20's. For about 12 years, during which time I graduated High School and college and married and had three beautiful children, I had no contact from him. I was lucky enough that my mother remarried a wonderful man who always treated me like his own daughter.

It was very difficult when my dad reached out to reconnect. He had been diagnosed with stage 4 terminal colon cancer. It took me about 6 months to decide if I wanted to reconnect, knowing that he had limited time to rebuild our relationship. It was difficult. I never stopped missing or loving him in the years that I didn't speak to him. I also loved and missed my step mom and my 3 half siblings. In the end, we did reconnect and spent much time together before he passed away about 5ish years after we reconnected. It has been very difficult to stay in touch and build a new connection with my siblings no matter how hard I try. I'll never stop feeling resentment and anger and pain at this fact. I do still speak to and have visits with my step mom from time to time and I love it.

Reading about Isla's reconnection with her family was something I definitely related to and it ignited many emotions as I read. I loved reading her story and knowing that my situation is not an isolated incident. Many people have experienced similar situations and we've all had different outcomes - some happier and some not so good.

I love how books can make us feel less alone. Even if this book is fiction, it still helps.

The romance in the book was sweet but not over powering.

Overall, I definitely recommend this book. The Christmas is also not over done. The holiday is mentioned and the story takes place just before and into Christmas but it is not like a typical Hallmark type of read where every other word is some reference to a Christmas icon/item/song/food/decoration. This book can absolutely be enjoyed by people who don't love the over the top Christmas books.

It's also a companion to A Very Vintage Christmas (which I read and reviewed on my Instagram review page You do not need to read the first book to enjoy this one. In fact, the beginning of this book overlaps some of the first book so if you have read the previous book, you get a refresher of events that happened in A Very Vintage Christmas. They can both be read and fully enjoyed as stand alone books.

Favorite Quotes:

"Everyone is a people person...Some of us only need to find the right people." pg 80


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