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Behind the Strings book 1 and 2 Courtney Giardina

A page-turning romance set in Music City, U.S.A.


Behind the Strings: Celia and Logan spent their entire childhood together, after their mother's shared a birthing room. But when the pair are adults, their paths start to go different ways. Logan wants to be a country music star, and Celia doesn't want to hold him back. She encourages to follow his dreams and the two part ways. Five years later, Celia is a well known music blogger. She gets an assignment to cover none other than the Logan she grew up with.

Their meeting ignites old feelings, but do the two feel the same way? When a new man is thrown into their lives, things take a turn that no one expected. One night will change everything...

Slow Dancing on Main Street:

After Celia's life begins to change, she decides to spend Christmas in her hometown, away from the musicians and stresses in Nashville. Celia draws strength from her mother and her childhood home, gathering the courage to confront the two men in her life.

Celia desperately wants Logan in her life, but can he be "just friends?" As relationships begin to alter, and secrets are disclosed, this sweet cast of characters must make some tough choices and try to mend their broken hearts.

My thoughts/feelings:

Behind the Strings ends in the most crazy cliffhanger!!! I was so glad I had book two ready!

I love country music, and as you're here, you know that I love blogging, too. So, reading a book about two things I love was pretty exciting. And who doesn't enjoy a good love triangle. I was kind of sad for one of the characters - being the one in a love triangle who wants more is never easy.

The relationship between Celia and her mother is very sweet. I especially loved this dynamic.

I absolutely LOVED the epilogue of Slow Dancing on Main Street.

Favorite Quotes:

"I guess I realized I was spending my life blaming music for all the things I lost instead of the people who took them away from me."

"Til the moon no longer says goodnight to the sun."

"Music was our life and now we were in the city that held the heart of it all."

"Life no matter what was never going to be the same."


"Our song wasn't over, but what good would a country song be without a longing for something just out of reach and the journey to find what you once believed was lost forever?"

"The chorus, the bridge, and the verses would continue to write themselves while we struggled to figure out exactly how the song would end, there behind the strings."

"Two people returning home to the place that built them to find their missing pieces."

"Both of them were the best kind of men a girl could hope to have in her life, they were just playing different roles."

"After all, there is nothing better, nothing purer, nothing that creates a more beautiful melody in life's soundtrack than three chords and the truth."


Thank you so very much to Courtney Giardina for the gifted copies of both books in exchange for my honest review.

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