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Cartier's Hope by M.J Rose

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Set to the enthralling backdrop of journalists, jewelers and upper class society, there is a lot going on within the pages of this book - all of it enticing and worth the read!


Vera Garland is a socialite living a double life in 1910, New York. Tired of the limitations women endure, she goes undercover as a journalist using the pseudonym Vee Swann. Much to the chagrin of her mother, Vera uses her reporting platform to fight for women's suffrage, equal pay, abortion rights, safe working conditions, child labor, and many other important issues of the time.

When her father and uncle die, Vera discovers deep family secrets and a blackmail plot against her family. As she seeks revenge for their deaths, she uses renowned jeweler Pierre Cartier and the famous Hope diamond to flush out the man who blackmailed her family.

My thoughts and feelings:

I always love a good story about a woman who goes against the restrictions of society to follow her passion and make her way in a “man’s world.”

It is obvious that M.J. Rose did extensive research for this book as there are areas of very detailed information, which I appreciate immensely when reading historical fiction. Rose mentions Nellie Bly and the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory incident, both of which I studied extensively and wrote essays on in college. I have read Nellie Bly's book "Ten Days in a Mad-House," and highly recommend it. The information about the world of luxury jewelry was completely new to me, and I found it thrilling to learn about.

Even though there was a lot going on this book, I never felt confused. In fact, the depth made it more enjoyable for me. The world is a complex place and I felt like Rose did an excellent job at including several hot topics of the time while providing an entertaining and engaging story line for Vera.

Favorite Quotes:

"Hope, darling Vera, is the fire that keeps propelling us forward. We hope even in the face of impossibility, and that is as it should be."

"What people kept protected and hidden inside them, what they were ashamed of, or what they felt was too sacred to share, gave you insight that nothing else did. I'd always felt it was only worth getting to know people if they had secrets, because only in the sharing could you discover someone's soul."

"There is nothing stable in the world; uproar's your only music."

"Be brave and be bold, but be careful."

"Fiction often has to be exaggerated to make its point."

"What is it that makes us react this way to someone, as if you've met the other half of your heart, when you never even knew any part of your heart was missing?"

Expected Publication Date: January 2020

Thank you to NetGalley , Atria Books, and M.J. Rose for the ARC of Cartier’s Hope in exchange for my honest opinion.

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