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Copy Boy by Shelley Blanton-Stroud

A gritty Depression-Era story of survival against the odds

Synopsis: Jane's youth is plagued with sorrow and pain. Her family is poor, her twin brother died at birth and her father is abusive. After a violent night with her father, Jane runs away from Oklahoma to California. Spurred by thoughts of her lost brother, Jane takes on the persona of a male named Benny to get a job at a newspaper. With little formal education, Jane relies on her life experience to be a successful Copy Boy.

My thoughts/feelings: Shelley Blanton-Stroud has written an emotional work of historical fiction set in California during the Great Depression. This book does a wonderful job of transporting readers to Depression-Era San Franscico. The plot twists in the book are exciting, and the characters are complex yet realistic. I could feel Jane's torment, pain and fear. I cried for Jane and cheered her on as she courageously took risks and strived to survive in a world that many of us today cannot even imagine!

Coming in at just under 300 pages, this will be a quick, but powerful and worthy read for many readers.

Favorite Quotes:

"What a brave man she is, and what a good woman."

"Momma had always said Jane was gonna 'do' something. Not that she 'was' something, but that she was gonna 'do' something."

"This was the hour when she became I, when I first began to speak with my own voice..."

"Evolution requires you to save enough of yourself from a child so you can care for the others, the rest of it, yourself. Propagation of the species. Survival."


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