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Copy of Pandemonium by Willow Anderson

Magical circus...need I say more?!

Synopsis: A young girl named Lace witnesses a murder at the magical circus Pandemonium. Five years later, Lace and Pandemonium will become connected once more. As Lace tries to navigate some unforeseen circumstances in her life, magic and love will come to her aid in ways she never could have imagined.

My thoughts/feelings: These are a few of my favorite things…(I definitely sang that as I typed!) But really, here are some of my favorite things to read about: Wonderland-Magic-Royalty-Life or Death Contests-Enchanting Circus-Love triangles. THIS BOOK HAS IT ALL! Well maybe not the actual Wonderland, but close! Even though there are still 4 months left in the year as I write this review (It's currently August), this book will easily be among my top 3 favorite reads of the year! I am so excited that I made it a selection for the book club that I co-host so that I was able to share my excitement with my bookish friends. If you love any of the things I mentioned, I highly recommend Pandemonium! I am eagerly awaiting the release of book 2.

Favorite Quotes:

"...coincidences did't exist where death was involved."

"For tonight we will all experience a little Pandemonium."

"Never question the truth behind deception."


Thank you so much to Willow Anderson for reaching out via Instagram and offering me a gifted copy of your book!

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