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Gravity's Heir by Sara Bond

A fast paced space adventure

Synopsis: After an event that would be hailed as Lena's Lament, Lena Lomasky flees her family home, leaving behind her chance to become head of the famous Lomasky Corporation.

When her friends are accused of a royal assassination- a war breaks out. At the same time, Lena and her crew are tasked with transporting a data stick containing dangerous information. Through all of this Lena is forced to make some tough decisions.

Read this amazing book to discover if Lena and her crew survive, and if they make the correct decisions.

My thoughts/feelings: I won this book in an Instagram giveaway and decided to make it my July selection for a book club that I co-host. I am so glad I shared this book with my friends! I loved every page and think we'll have an excellent discussion. I haven't read many true sci-fi, set in space books so I don't have a lot of comparison, but I felt like this book had a great flow. I always felt engaged and was eager to find out what was going to happen next. I enjoyed all of the characters. This book was not extremely long like many sci-fi books, which I think would make it the perfect choice for anyone new to the genre. Try it! You might end up loving it as much as I did!

Favorite Quotes:

"You see, that's the problem with pilots... They're always looking up. Even when they should be looking around."

" Legacy is nothing but history, if it doesn't have a future."

" matter how advanced society grew, no matter how far their science reached or how deep their philosophies delved, mankind always came back to the most rudimentary means of ending disagreements. In the end, death on a massive scale always seemed to help men of politics reach some sort of resolution."

"One of the most efficient ways of knowing someone was to see what books they kept."

" There is always a price for freedom."

"The universe is an awfully small place sometimes."

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