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How Lulu Lost Her Mind by Rachel Gibson

A truly wonderful story of finding yourself and knowing what's important in life.

Synopsis: Lulu has built a multi million dollar empire being a love guru. But when her mother Patricia gets Alzheimer’s and is kicked out of multiple nursing homes, Lulu must make the difficult choice of caring for her mother or running her business. Patricia’s one wish is to go back to her family home Sutton Hall, to be buried in the family cemetery. After some serious deliberations, Lulu cancels the tour for her business, hires a live in nurse, and the three women move from Seattle, Washington to Louisiana to live at Sutton Hall. For the next few months, Lulu makes memories with her mother, and tries to enjoy every last moment. Lindsey reveals a secret. Lulu and Lindsey both find love. My thoughts/feelings: This story has it all. A memorable plot with enjoyable characters, sadness, humor, love, family, character growth and so much more. There were times that I literally laughed out loud. There were also times when I cried real tears.

Lulu's love interest Simon, is a DREAMY Lousiana born and bred, Creole speaking, hunk of a character. I may have developed a slight character crush. Don't judge.

The thing about this book that stole my heart is the way Lulu grew and the way she chose the thing that is most important in life - family.

I won't forget this book anytime soon. I would love to see a sequel where we could learn more about Lindsey and Lulu's lives after this story!

Favorite Quotes:

"I'll take care of her before and after she forgets."

"She's my mother, and as difficult as she can be, she's equally easy to love."

"I've had a good life."

"The only thing I do know is that the circus is officially out of control."

"When life sucks the hardest, you survive by finding someplace to sit still and clear your head."

"Some men bring a girl flowers. Simon brings a new pink bobber."


Thank you NetGalley, Gallery Books and Rachel Gibson for the ARC of How Lulu Lost Her Mind in exchange for my honest review.

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