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In Light of the Summit by Jamie McGillen

An empowering historical fiction

Synopsis: In the sequel to In Sight of the Mountain, we follow Anna and Ben as they prepare for their attempted summit of Mount Rainier and adjust to some big changes in their lives.

We also get an inside look at Emily's life, as well as updates on the rest of Anna's friends and family.

My thoughts/feelings:

This sequel was wonderful! I read a lot of dark and twisted books and every once in a while it's nice to take a break and read something like this. A story that is wholesome, sweet, with some interesting pieces of history, a dash of female empowerment, a little mystery, and a sprinkle of romance and ...omg! The twist near the end! I was pretty anxious for a minute.

It's evident that Jamie puts a lot of effort into researching the time period which she utilizes to really bring the characters and the setting to life.

This book ended up being the perfect addition to my holiday reading line-up! It's an uplifting story with a beautiful winter wedding full of Irish traditions and of course a lot of snow!

This story is perfect for book lovers as Anna's family owns a book store, and there is a puppy named Comma! There are also references to many classic novels, which is always fun!

I think this book is perfect for younger readers, although I hope that many adults will enjoy it also. There is a lot of room for historical conversations to be shared!

I am so honored to be part of the launch team for In light of the Summit. Jamie is such a kind person. I've loved our brief discussions on Instagram and appreciate that she is so active with her followers.

Favorite quotes:

"Nothing is better than the pleasure of owning one’s favorite


"But I do know everything can change on any given day. So you need to have hope, all right?”

"'When you love someone, you love the whole person just as he or she is,

and not as you would like them to be.'

Words Tolstoy had written over a decade prior, and they

still applied in 1891."


I received an Advanced copy from the author of In Light of the Summit via Booksprouts in exchange for my honest review.

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