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In Sight of the Mountain by Jamie McGillen

A Young Adult Historical Fiction novel about a girl who dreams to summit Mount Rainier

Synopsis: Anna Gallagher is a strong willed young woman with an adventurous spirit in 1889 , a time when most women were still encouraged to enter into prosperous marriages and be docile homemakers.

In her hometown of Seattle, Anna's two best friends are a prostitute and a Native American woman - showing just how much stock Anna puts into society's expectations of women of her status.

The beautiful Mount Rainier is a sight that calls to Anna's soul. She becomes determined to summit this mountain despite the many obstacles in her way.

This story touches on many important topics of the time such as colonialism, class, women's rights and more! There is also a dash of romance.

My thoughts/feelings: I want to thank Jamie McGillen from the bottom of my heart for reaching out to my via my Instagram @rosetree_bookreviewer to offer me TWO copies of her beautiful book (One for me and one to giveaway). She signed BOTH of them and I am so appreciative of the thought behind that sweet act, and of time she took to do that.

I found In Sight of the Mountain to be a sweet and inspiring read. I really enjoyed the characters in the book!

I co-host the Reading With A Twist Book Club (find us on Facebook!) and decided to make this my June selection so that I could share this wonderful story with my fellow book club members. We will have a fantastic and lengthy discussion, for sure!

I was so excited to receive and review this book. Mount Rainier and Washington state hold a special, although bittersweet place in my heart. I lived in Fort Lewis, Washington for a few years starting in 2005. It was the last duty station my step-dad had in his Army career. He was deployed to Afghanistan from this post, and was Killed in Action by a suicide bomber in 2007. At this time, I was pregnant with my first child and only daughter (I also have two sons) and she was born "In Sight of the Mountain" of which the main character Anna attempts to climb in this book.

Once our main character finds a copy of Anna Karenina, I knew this was a book I was meant to read. My mom took me to see Anna in the Tropics for my birthday one year. It's a Cuban spin on Anna Karenina and I've been obsessed with the story since then. I have a gorgeous, golden sprayed pages edition of the book, a Tolstoy coffee mug, and a Tolstoy tea towel.

Thank you so very much Jamie McGillen for the signed copy of your novel in exchange for my review.

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