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Remembrance by Rita Woods

Unboxing of the Once Upon A Book Club February Adult box

Synopsis: Told from alternating time/view points. The book tells the story of Abigail in the late 1700’s Haiti, Margot in early 1800’s New Orleans, Winter in the 1800’s at Remembrance,  and Gaelle in current time Cleveland - whose lives are all connected. These women come from a Creole bloodline of powerful priestess women, who can communicate with the spirit world, spirits who help guide the women to safety.  Abigail receives training on how to control her powers. Once she become a strong priestess, she creates Remembrance, a safe place for slaves that becomes part of the Underground Railroad.  Remembrance is surrounded by magic that is supposed to keep danger out. Winter grows up here with Mother Abigail (as she is called once she becomes powerful).  When Abigail dies, the other women take over the role of protector. My thoughts/feelings: This book is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! The description that accompanies the book does NOT do it justice, nor does my review. I've never had such a difficult time writing a synopsis as I did with this book because this book had so much going on. I like my synopsis to be different than what is on the back of the book, while still letting you all know what the book about, but not giving away too much information. Rita Woods weaves an exceptionally unique story that is un-put-downable.

I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this book before it was curated in the OUABC box, and was THRILLED when they put it in the box. I loved seeing the gifts paired with the story. I would like to thank NetGalley, Forge publishing and Rita Woods for the ARC.

What was inside the box:

This box included a mortar and pestle, a wooden disc which will be part of a craft night activity with OUABC, a locket, a tea recipe and tea ball (tea strainer?! what do YOU call this?!)

If you are interested in trying a box, go to the Once Upon A Book Club website and use code ROSETREE10 for 10% off!


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