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The Gilly Salt Sisters by Tiffany Baker

An ominous family drama set in a salt marsh

Synopsis:"No one slipped through life perfectly unscarred, after all, and if someone did, how unlucky, for surely there must be a hotter fire waiting in the afterlife when that was the case."

In this magical realism family drama, the Gilly women have controlled the salt marshes in the small Cape Cod village of Prospect for generations. Their salt possesses a hint of magic that makes the Gilly women outcasts in this small town. As sisters Jo and Claire navigate life in two extremely different ways, deep and dark family secrets will be exposed.

My thoughts/feelings:

I think the cover is deceptive. This book is not sweet or happy. It is a creepy, suspenseful and fabulously twisted tale! Perhaps if the cover and blurb on the back of the book were more to that effect, this book would have appealed more to different audience. I read a lot of negative reviews that I don't feel like the book deserved. I think it was marketed as something different and so the people who would enjoy the darkness of this tale are not the people who picked the book up.

I read this book as part of a book club that I co-host. It was my co-host's selection for the month of June! I am very excited to discuss this with everyone. I think the book will spark some great discussions!

Favorite Quotes:

"Gilly women weren't put on the Earth to have fun."

"Salt is never just salt."

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