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The Holdout by Graham Moore

A courtroom drama that keeps on giving...


Maya Seale's life is changed forever when she serves on the jury of a high profile court case. Her experiences during the case spark an interest in law and she later becomes an excellent defense attorney.

Ten years after the case, Netflix gathers all the juror's from the case together for a special docuseries. But, when one of the jurors is found dead in Maya’s room she must work to prove herself innocent of the crime, while searching for the true killer... I believe that books like this are best experienced when readers know as little as possible going in, so I won't say any more about this! The Holdout will be available in February 2020.

About the author: Graham Moore is a New York Times bestselling novelist and Academy Award-winning screenwriter. His screenplay for The Imitation Game won the Academy Award and WGA Award for Best Adapted Screenplay in 2015 and was nominated for a BAFTA and a Golden Globe. The film, directed by Morten Tyldum and starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley, received 8 Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture.

Moore delivers another excellent and award worthy piece of writing with The Holdout. I was honored to receive an advance copy of his newest work.

My thoughts/feelings: This book has an alleged murder, an actual murder, an alleged suicide, and so many other discussion worthy topics- let me know when you read this book, so we can chat about it! flaws in justice sys

I was able to figure out the twist before the big reveal towards the end of the book, but that in no way limited my interest in this story.

I absolutely loved the way the story unraveled. We mainly get the story from Maya's point of view in a current day setting, but there are also chapters from the point of view of each of the individual jurors from the original high profile case that Maya served on. These inside looks as the case is examined were my favorite parts of the book.

Favorite Quotes: "We all endeavor to learn from our mistakes, don't we?"

"I don't need to prove it happened. I just need them to fail to prove that it didn't."

"In the stories, there's always an answer at the end. Resolution. The detective confronts the killer; the killer admits it. We know for sure. But out here - it's not like that. Out here, maybe somebody goes to jail. Maybe somebody doesn't. But we never know the truth. The real, whole, definite truth. It's impossible."

"Anyone would look like a villain in a catalogue of only their worst decisions."

"Sometimes the truth was an especially poor defense."

"You had to really care about someone to fight with them this hard. You had to deeply care about someone's opinion to be this offended by how totally wrong they were."


Thank you to NetGalley, Graham Moore and Random House Publishing for the ARC of The Holdout in exchange for my honest review.

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