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The Stolen Kingdom Series by Bethany Atazadeh

Wonderfully unique retellings of well known fairy tales


The Stolen Kingdom:

"I was not a weak woman. I could save myself." (All the YES to this line. This line alone made me want to read this book).

This book is a loose retelling of Aladdin. One difference is that this book focuses on the princess and her abilities.

Princess Arie is next in line for the throne and she cares deeply about her kingdom. But Arie has a secret - she has Jinni blood and her Gift is difficult to hide. When a neighboring king tries to marry her and steal her kingdom, Arie knows that her Gift could be a danger to her life. She runs away, searching for a way to remove her Jinni Gift, hoping to save her kingdom and her life. She encounters many obstacles and makes some amazing friends along the way. The Jinni Key:

Book two in the series is a retelling of The Little Mermaid.

If you had to give up a major part of yourself for love, would you do it? This is a decision Rena is faced with in The Jinni Key. On her 16th birthday, Rena spends a day above water and witnesses a Jinni fall from the sky. A year later, she trades her fin for legs as she searches for her love. The rest of the book is a fast paced story of exciting adventures and love.

My thoughts/feelings:

At the end of The Stolen Kingdom, I was more than curious as to how Bethany Atazadeh would connect the books. I was afraid they would be standalone books, and I wouldn't stay interested in the entire series. But the books do connect! It has been my favorite thing about the series, that Bethany used the characters from the first book and introduced the new characters while flawlessly interweaving the plots of the two stories together. While I can guess at the general idea and can guess which of the characters mentioned in The Jinni Key will cross over into The Cursed Hunter (a loose Beauty and the Beast retelling, Book 3 in the series), I'm anxious to discover how Bethany will use her writing magic to pull the new story into the first two!! The fourth book is going to be a Sleeping Beauty retelling, which I am also really excited for!

Both stories have been enchanting and full of magic. Bethany Atazadeh did a fabulous job and quickly became one of my favorite authors!

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