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The Takeaway Men by Meryl Ain

A heartbreaking look at life for one family after WWII

Synopsis: This beautifully written story examines life for Jewish Holocaust Survivors after the war. This book does a wonderful job of showing readers that life after WWII was not immediately easy or enjoyable for survivors.

How does one move forward and start a new life after experiencing something as horrendous as what the Jewish community experienced? How does one cope with immigrating to America, and facing another war so soon after the last one? How does one handle the PTSD, adjusting to a new country with new people and learning how to be a parent all at once?

My thoughts and feelings: It was interesting to read the story from the perspective of the parents who lived through the Holocaust and their children who were born immediately after and grew up in the shadow of their parents past trauma. I appreciate that this book showcases that the fear and prejudice that Jewish people faced did not end when the war ended and did not end just because they moved to America.


Thank you so much to #suzyapprovedbooktours and #merylain for an #advancedreaderscopy of #thetakeawaymen in exchange for my honest review.

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