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The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow.

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

So much beauty within these pages


"Listen, not every story is made for telling. Sometimes just by telling the story you are stealing it, stealing a little of the mystery away from it."

This quote from the book is how I feel about leaving a detailed synopsis. There is something so special about reading a book like this for the first time. That feeling of "That was NOT what I expected," because there is no way you could have imagined the fantastic tale that was about to unfold on the magical pages of this book!

There was a time when I began to wonder if this was going to be a true fantasy story, or just a book about girls being locked in asylums for no other reason than they behaved like young girls. But then January's loyal friend Samuel brings her The Ten Thousand Doors book, and she discovers the secret of her past. This discovery leads her to the discovery of how to use Doors. Adventure ensues.

My thoughts and feelings:

The writing was so eloquent and detailed. As I read, I was thinking that I would enjoy this more if I lived in another time. A time where life moved slower and I had more free time to read slowly and soak in every single word. A time where I didn't need fast paced stories and instant gratification. I was IN LOVE! This book may not be everyone's style. It is written more similar to the classics, with a lot of descriptive writing and it takes some time for the exciting parts to occur.

While the story of January and the Doors is reminiscent of the whimsical and adventurous worlds of Narnia and Wonderland, with a dash of A Wrinkle In Time, it remains fabulously unique and special. This is a book about a book - and the magic of words! What more could an avid reader hope for?!

"I have always wanted something else, something bigger. Another world would do."

*Swoon* that line! Isn't that something us readers can relate to? Reading transports us to another world just like the Doors transport January .

Favorite Quotes:

"Reason and rationality reigned supreme, and there was no room for magic or mystery."

"I happen to believe every story is a love story if you catch it at the right moment, slantwise in the light of dusk..."

"Doors introduce change. And from change come all things: revolution, resistance, empowerment, upheaval, invention, collapse, reformation..."

"He consumed books as if they were as necessary to his health as bread and water..." "I have always wanted something else, something bigger. Another world would do."

"Books are Doors and I wanted out."

"One does not fall in love, one discovers it."

"Something about having a child bends you back to your beginnings, as if you have been drawing a circle all your life and now are compelled to close it."

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