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The Vine Witch by Luanne G Smith

Wine created with witch craft and love


Vine Witch Elena has been cursed and turned into a toad. When she makes it back to her beloved vineyard, she is determined to discover the identity of the person who cursed her and exact her revenge. Along the way she builds new relationships - of both the platonic and romantic nature.

My thoughts/feelings:This story has suspense, revenge, murder, friendship, Jinnis, magic and love. A dash of everything. Simple, yet beautiful. I recommend this book as a quick and easy read!

The cover is just stunning! This book is not perfect, but it was worth the read. I've already made it a selection for a book club that I co-host and I'm excited to discuss it with other people! I really enjoyed the story of Vine Witches who help create prized wine. Yvette was my favorite character, and I'm looking forward to how the lives of the characters progress in book two!

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