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Where is her personality?!

Why I write reviews the way I do...

Hey ya'll! I felt like it was important to show you the fun side of me (see that lady at the winery - or the one who dressed up on Halloween at her daycare job - or the one who went to the Oktoberfest and had German beer - she's fun!), because I know that sometimes my reviews feel academic or dry. Trust me, I know. But, I do have a good reason. Throughout my entire education, it was drilled into me to "leave my opinion out" and to "keep it to the facts; no abundance of adjectives" and so on. That's just the default setting my brain goes to now when I write something "official."

Don't worry - I'll be working on that, just like I'm working on finding my theme for my photos. The bookish and blogging worlds are new to me, so I'm not perfect at this. Hell, I'm not perfect at anything! But, I'm aware and I'm always under construction!

Thanks for reading. I hope you're having a fabulous day!

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