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Where is her photo theme?!

Probably more information about my life than you care about....

Hey ya'll! Some of you may come here expecting to see magazine worthy photos with shiny white backgrounds and enticing props...or maybe you expect to see a bunch of book shelf photos. Either way, as you've probably noticed - my photos are all over the place. I have some that are outside and are just my hand and a book. There are some that have props. There are some that are just an edited image.

You may be asking yourself, "What is going on here?" Or maybe not. Maybe you aren't as judgmental as I think you are and maybe you don't mind my randomness. Either way, I want to explain my situation, because it will make me feel better

There are two reasons my photos aren't uniform.

1) The first and most important reason is my living situation. My husband recently retired from the military. We were stationed in Colorado, but decided we wanted to live in Texas. So, the military moved our stuff for us and it's currently sitting in a storage somewhere that we have no access to. We only packed the essentials - clothes, a couple toys for the kids, and a few dishes. Our initial plan was to move into a house right away. But we never do things the easy way over here. Instead, we decided to have a new house built, which takes FOREVER. So our lovely household items are in an inaccessible storage (we don't even know where!) and I have very limited space and limited items to use to take photos. Basically, I am doing the best with what I have - and even though I 100% think a bookshelf is an essential item, my husband didn't agree and that was not an item I was able to drag across country in the trunk of my car. This leads me to...

2) I'm new to this. I applied for a position that I never really thought I had a chance at getting into. But I did get it! And if you know me, you know I am an overachiever. I couldn't just do the minimum. I got all excited and thought "the sky is the limit" and decided to soar! But as I soar, I am trying to find my "thing." Do I like pictures outside? How do I want to approach photos with the advanced copies I receive on my Kindle? Do I want to use props and fancy lighting and have a whole book photography area set up? I don't know, yet.

I do know that I want to be unique. I don't want stark white backgrounds or white bookshelves - all of which are absolutely gorgeous, but that style is already taken and I want to be ME! We'll be in our home next month and as things begin to settle down, I will find something that is ME but that is also a little more UNIFORM. Until then, I hope you enjoy the quirkiness of my photos and hopefully this helped you understand why my photos are the way they are!

Thanks for reading and I hope your day is wonderful!

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