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Woman on the Edge by Samantha M. Bailey

A unique, heart-rending thriller you don't want to miss


This book is told by alternating perspectives of Nicole - the woman who jumped and Morgan - the woman Nicole gave her baby to.

Morgan is waiting in the subway, like she does every day, when a stranger whispers "take my baby" and then jumps in front of a subway train. A social worker with a traumatic past, Morgan gets caught up in a whirlwind of thrilling events after Nicole, CEO of a clothing company hands a baby to her and then jumps in front of a subway train.

My thoughts/feelings:

As always, I don't like giving away too much information for books like this. It's better if you get the full experience of reading the twists and turns for yourself. But, let me just say - You don't want to miss this one! To be completely transparent - I generally don't like thrillers/suspense books. I tend to find myself bored with the build up to the big reveal, often thinking, "Please get to the point."

THIS BOOK DID NOT MAKE ME THINK THAT WAY. There was nonstop activity and every page kept me thinking, "Wow!!" As soon as I finished reading, I texted all my favorite people and told them to order this book. It's that good.

Favorite Quotes:

"It's amazing what you can get caught doing when you think no one is watching."

"Life isn't fair. It's short, hard to navigate, and full of pitfalls and unforeseen dangers."

"I might be small, but you know how mighty I am!"

"Goodnight moon. Goodnight my child."


Thank you to NetGalley, Simon and Schuster, and Samantha M. Bailey for the ARC of Woman on the Edge in exchange for my honest review.

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