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Woven In Moonlight by Isabel Ibañez

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Unboxing of the Once Upon A Book Club January Young Adult box


Woven in Moonlight is about Ximena, a decoy Condesa (Countess), who must save her people from a corrupt ruler.

"Do you think if we weren't at war, we'd be friends?"....Along the way Ximena struggles to discern between friend and enemy, discovering conflicts in the beliefs between what she was always taught and what she is experiencing in the present. She discovers that it's important to fight corruption, not to fight an entire population. She also learns that history is more than simply what is written or passed down by stories, that each side has their own version of history.

"People are people. We mess up. You took the chance to make it right, and that's all we can really ask of anyone."

My thoughts/feelings:

This is a fast paced, emotional, intricate story that kept me turning the page, anxious to discover what choice Ximena would ultimately make. I quickly grew to love many of the characters. I laughed, cried and triumphed with them. This is definitely a book that will stay in my heart for a long time.

Isabel Ibanez based on her book on actual Bolivian history. Woven in Moonlight uses fantasy and magic to expose political atrocities that are not spoken about in mainstream media. I like to think of books like this as fantasy with a purpose.

The author wrote this book to share the history and corruption of Bolivia with her readers, and also to share some of her favorite things about the country she loves - such as popular food (so many delicious dishes that I NEED to try!!) and traditions.

I think books like this appeal to a broader audience because if you're like me and you love history, you'll read this book and appreciate that it's based on real events, and now I'm going to research Bolivian history and current affairs. And for readers who aren’t interested in the historical side of the story, they can simply enjoy this book for it’s well written, fast paced story line and amazing cast of characters.

Thank you so much to Bookishfirst, Page Street Publishing and Isabel Ibanez for the copy of Woven in Moonlight in exchange for my honest review.

What was inside the box: This box contained a gorgeous, large tapestry, a stunning Estrella bracelet, beautifully scented lavender bath salts to represent Moon Dust, and a plant sketch.

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